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Refrigerated fish and fish products

MV Wool - Refrigerated fishIn case of fresh refrigerated and/or gutted fish products we consider the high quality of fish and the freshness of the raw product to be most important.

We offer mainly a selection of fish imported from Norway: fish farm salmon and trout, cod, seabass, pollack, halibut, etc. Some of the Estonian freshwater fish we offer are carp, pike, perch, sturgeon, flounder, etc. In addition, we offer pollack, seabass, halibut, catfish, pike, perch, flounder, carp, sturgeon, bream, Baltic herring carcass, eel, burbot.

Product range includes:


MV Wool - jahutatud  kala jääs

Refrigerated, gutted fish (fish farm salmon and trout from Norway) are packaged into 20 kg thermal boxes and ice. The selection includes fish in different sizes, from 1-2 kg to 9 kg. Each box contains fish of similar size. The supply of fresh refrigerated fish is transported once a week from Norway, 2-3 times from Estonia.